What needs to be done in order to realize it?

Is it technologically feasible?

How innovative is it?

The aim of Sonderkamp Research is to support innovative life science researchers and entrepreneurs in the realization of their ideas.

Among the services that can be provided are literature studies and feasibility studies In addition, (re-)edits or second opinions, data collection and data analysis can be provided. Furthermore, we can deliver development of project plans and grant applications, all tailored to your specific need of the moment. The approach is profound and holistic, based on a solid analytical and technological background. Because of the versatile experience in various start-ups you are ensured of a reliable partner to direct your innovation process.

We listen, we ask questions, we analyze. What are your goals? Your dreams? What are you trying to achieve?

We empathize and internalize your goals. Then we sit together and start to work on a plan to accomplish them.

Our services include:

The result

  • Increased insight in product ideas, pro’s and con’s, application area’s, critical product parameters, current values and required values for desired applications, optimization options, etc.
  • Detailed overview of the way to go, plan of action, steps to be undertaken, financial consequences, partners to get involved, etc.
  • More grip on the process of development of your innovation. peace in your mind, confidence in a positive outcome.
  • For examples what Sonderkamp Research has already done see CASES.