About Sonderkamp Research

Ir. T. Sonderkamp Msc Founder
Trudi is fascinated by new scientific developments.

It was great working with her!

“Trudi is a researcher of the first category. Organized, has an eye for detail, great in analysis and writes in clear sentences. In the work, she is very accurate and precise. Trudi likes sports and music. It was great working with her!”

Fred Holtkamp
Associate Lector / Fellow, Fontys University

Sharp, analytical and conscientious

Motivated, sharp, analytical and conscientious. Very pleasant to deal with, communicates well and is to be trusted. Scientifically sound and at the same time broadly interested.

Tim Gerbrands
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Trudi is an unstoppable force.

Trudi is really smart, reliable and always enthusiastic. She is genuinely interested in the most intricate scientific problems and doesn’t stop until she has a firm grip on it. And she has the rare talent to translate it in a non-scientific language.

Frederike Manders
MaMa Producties BV

Researcher and analytical thinker.

I studied chemical engineering and physiology. After my graduation, I worked as a consultant, project manager and researcher in various areas mostly for small start-up companies. I am a versatile, driven person with a broad interest and curiosity. I’m always trying to find out how things work. If I have researched this in full, I like to write it down in such a way that everybody can understand it.

At the moment I am driven by a curiosity to understand the fundamentals of life. Therefore, questions that really intrigue me are: What distinguishes life from dead? What is this life energy, where does it come from, how is it transferred and maintained? I would love to team up with people who do research into this in any way.

In mijn vrije tijd vind ik het leuk om muziek en plezier te maken met mijn rugby- en Tuniña-vrienden en -vriendinnen. Ik word hierin graag uitgedaagd en vind het een sport om verschillende instrumenten te kunnen bespelen en ook vele liedjes te kunnen zingen. Ook het onderhouden van de familiebanden is voor mij een bron van vreugde.

Ik zoek doorlopend naar mogelijkheden om kennis en inzicht te verbreden of te verdiepen. Daarbij is mijn werkhouding loyaal, consciëntieus en service-gericht. Daag je mij uit om jouw ontwikkelingsproject te versnellen?

Besides a great enthusiasm for innovations I bring:
  • broad experience in product development and process optimization in various areas

  • experience in writing grant applications

  • an analytical and critical mind

  • intelligence and empathy

Sonderkamp Research