Sonderkamp Research vision

is to contribute to the overall insight in universal knowledge. Gather and unveil existing knowledge from different scientific publications, connect researchers and entrepreneurs of different disciplines and establish collaborations.

We listen, we ask questions, we analyze. What are your goals? Your dreams? What are you trying to achieve?

We empathize and internalize your goals. Then we sit together and start to work on a plan to accomplish them.


Innovative ideas require research.

How innovative is it? Is it technologically feasible? What needs to be done in order to realize it? How can that be arranged?

The aim of Sonderkamp Research is to support YOU, as innovative life science researcher or entrepreneur, in the realization of your ideas.



Shear force Textile Intelligent Measurement System.

Define and enable a project for measurement of pressure and shear forces in shoes.

Fontys Paramedic College Eindhoven.

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The development of a drug discovery platform

Virtual Proteins Eindhoven

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The development and CE-marking of cap for use on screws in orthopedic surgery.

Biomat BV Maastricht

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Ir. T. Sonderkamp Msc Founder
Trudi is fascinated by new scientific developments.

It was great working with her!

“Trudi is a researcher of the first category. Organized, has an eye for detail, great in analysis and writes in clear sentences. In the work, she is very accurate and precise. Trudi likes sports and music. It was great working with her!”

Fred Holtkamp
Associate Lector / Fellow, Fontys University

Sharp, analytical and conscientious

Motivated, sharp, analytical and conscientious. Very pleasant to deal with, communicates well and is to be trusted. Scientifically sound and at the same time broadly interested.

Tim Gerbrands
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Trudi is an unstoppable force.

Trudi is really smart, reliable and always enthusiastic. She is genuinely interested in the most intricate scientific problems and doesn’t stop until she has a firm grip on it. And she has the rare talent to translate it in a non-scientific language.

Frederike Manders
MaMa Producties BV

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